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I Have News!!!

I have loads of news to share with you today, so let's dive right into it!

The Fiction Awards

If you hadn't already heard, Blood War is competing in the 2019 Fiction Awards on Wattpad (in the Paranormal category). We're way behind and probably going to lose, but I would still appreciate your votes! Head on over to this link to submit your votes for Blood War. The voting period ends on September 1st, so hurry up!

What's Next for the Halfblood Chronicles?

Currently, I'm taking a break from Halfblood Chronicles. Now, when I say "break," that doesn't mean I'm shelving it, but in fact, I'm planning like crazy for the next installments.

Speaking of the next installment: a quick reminder that book two, Nightfall, will be coming to Wattpad in early December!

As I'm sure most of you already knew, the first installment of the series, Blood War, is now a Wattpad Paid Story.

Guess what! The Paid Stories program is now available worldwide! Read more about it here.

The natural question after hearing this is, what about the rest of the books? Not to worry, I will be uploading Nightfall for free—at least to begin with. But once it's complete, there's a chance it will become Paid, so I strongly advise reading as the chapters get posted.

As for the rest of the series, I'm not sure if they will be PS or not. That's too far in the future to make any plans.

3 Exciting Things to Share

I've got a few big things to share with you about the series, and it will be the last news you hear about it for a while. So try to savor it.

New Covers!

I'm thrilled to reveal a brand new and beautiful cover for Blood War (below), and soon I will also reveal the matching cover for the sequel.

The amazing designer of this art is Alli May, aka eosophobias on Wattpad. You can find her website here. What are your thoughts on the new cover? Leave a comment here on the blog (but make sure you subscribe first)!

Character Art!

This is something I've been dying to see more of. I love how artists can bring books to life, so if any of you readers have created or want to create fan art for the series, please send me an email with the images (via the contact page of my website)! I will be happy to feature them in the books/social media.

I recently commissioned a portrait of Nika from the incredible Paola Pieretti, who can be found on DeviantArt. I had hoped to share it with you all today, but unfortunately, she's running behind schedule, so it's not ready yet. But keep an eye out for news about this artwork on my Wattpad, Twitter, and Instagram—those will be the places I announce it first.

Extra Content!

I saved the best one for last. Drumroll please . . .

That's right, a bonus chapter of Blood War is now available! Since this is a special thank you to my paying readers, it's something you have to purchase with Coins. You can go to my Wattpad profile to read it, but please be sure to finish the rest of this blog post first!

What will I be up to in the meantime?

Good question! In early August, I began regular(ish) updates for my new book, The Foul and the Fair, on Wattpad. This is a standalone novel and the updating schedule right now is a bit erratic.

This is an old cover. New one coming soon!

This is because I'm starting university in September, and things are kind of chaotic right now (I'm moving from the US to the UK). I'm currently trying to do two chapters a week, but I will probably have to scale it back to one soon. With the beginning of the semester, there is likely going to be some more erratic-ness until I get settled into a routine.

Add The Foul and the Fair to your library and reading lists!

The plan is to finish this new book by the end October, but depending on my school situation, that could change. If it does end up taking longer, be aware that the release date for Nightfall will naturally be affected. Updates might be postponed or slow at first, but you can rest assured that we'll be spending the entire winter following Nika, Ren, Lu, and more in the sequel.

Gasp! Regular Blog Schedule?

While I can't make any promises, I do want to start a regular blog schedule—probably once or twice a month. But, as I said earlier, September/October will be unpredictable, so it might not get rolling until November. By 2020, I should have everything figured out and hope for you to be visiting this site rather frequently.

I intend to blog about anything and everything. This will be the one place for you to receive detailed writing advice exclusively from me. It's also where I'll make announcements about my upcoming books before anywhere else, possibly even host giveaways, review books (stories both on Wattpad and off), give you updates on interesting Wattpad news, and more!

If you want to participate in any of that, please subscribe! The more people that are waiting to see me post stuff, the more motivated I am to make a habit out of it.

Well, that's all I've got to say for today. In the comments, please let me know your thoughts on the blog, my updated website, or anything else you'd like to chat about! See you next time.

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