The witch clans of Ellesmere are cursed. The Foul are ugly yet teeming with magic, while the Fair are beautiful but powerless.


When Lorelei, a timid Foul Witch, undertakes a secret mission, Myrine of the Fair Witches is right on the bristles of her broomstick. But as they battle over uncertain futures—and past grievances—two human princes get stranded on their shores, and the witches must form an alliance with them.


As Lorelei, Myrine, Bron, and Adrius travel across Ellesmere for an object of great power, one fragile lie is all that holds them together. Adventure looms at every turn. Love blossoms where it’s least expected. And ancient magic unleashes countless surprises—while breeding chaos and tragedy, too.

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Part of the 31 Blind Dates anthology. After meeting Donnie through a dating app, Suzi doesn’t really know what to expect when she arrives at his dilapidated mansion outside of the city, but she never could have prepared for a date with a dead man. Donnie’s no corpse, though. He’s trapped between two worlds, and if Suzi doesn’t help him, he may never rest in peace.

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