What can I do for you?


I’m a freelance editor who specializes in fantasy and paranormal books. My services are not limited to those genres, however, so feel free to submit your story regardless of category.


While editing your book, I analyze each sentence. This process is known as line editing. In order to make the text polished and easier to follow, I will do the following:

a) Correct errors in grammar and spelling

b) Adjust the prose to enhance delivery

c) Fix any small inconsistencies


Since I’m a writer myself, I know how precious a manuscript can be. That’s why I endeavor to work closely with my clients. Bottom line: if you aren’t comfortable with changing something, I won’t do it.


What are the prices and other requirements?

I charge $0.003 for each word of a story, compared to the industry standard of $0.01. This means a manuscript of 100k words will cost $300 for my services, whereas most competitors will demand $1,000.

Note: the price listed above is for an average manuscript. Those requiring extensive edits (more than ten corrections on each page) will be charged an additional $50.00 for the extra time and work.

I require minimum and maximum word counts for all submissions, so your story must be between 15,000 and 125,000 words. Also, the manuscript must be formatted as a Word or Google document.

All transactions will be made through PayPal. Uneven prices will be rounded up to the next dollar. For example, a manuscript that costs $164.27 will come out to $165.00 in the final bill.


It should take between four to eight weeks for me to finish editing your entire manuscript, but the time depends on the length of your story and the amount of work it needs.


What are my qualifications?


I have over six years of experience writing and editing stories for myself and fellow writers. However, I haven’t yet earned my degree and do not consider myself a professional copy editor. I’m currently studying English at university, and freelance editing is helping me pay for my living expenses.


Interested in my services? Fantastic! Please fill out the form below, and I will get back to you in 1-2 business days.


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